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Donald Cleveland, Author and Political Scientist calls for complete overhaul of the U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court Gets failing grade on equal just as they dump thousands of cases each year!

Any sense of the current court being an instrument for equality and justice is totally misguided. It is a partisan structure incapable of blindfolded justice.”
— Donald Cleveland



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Donald Cleveland, Author and Political Scientist calls for complete overhaul of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Cleveland cites the recent struggles over appointment of justices to the United States Supreme Court during the last three presidencies as just one reason for drastic reform. “Any sense of the current court being an instrument of providing equality and justice is totally misguided. It is a partisan loaded structure incapable of blindfolded justice. It’s time for a total reform of the Supreme Court and Federal Judicial system.” He said.

He continued pointing out the few times reform has happened: “Many states have successfully legislated judicial reform acts. State courts have been modernized. The United States Supreme Court and the Federal Court system was originally brought into existence by the Judiciary Act of 1789. Since then, there has only been one other major court act affecting the Supreme Court in 1925. Instead of increasing access and professionalism in the Court, the 1925 Act, was designed to cut the workload of the court. Prior to 1925, the Supreme Court justices didn’t get three months vacation (recess) as they do now. Supreme Court judges rode circuit during their recess. They went to different appeals courts around the country. One Supreme Court judge was reported to have traveled 10,000 miles in one year doing circuit work. He did that without paved highways, cars or airplanes, and didn’t receive extra pay for teaching or speaking.”

“ Further, adding insult to injury, the judges whose salary and benefits approach $250,000 per year take advantage of the recess to get more pay by teaching at university law schools, getting speakers fees at conservative think tank meetings, and the Chief Justice has been on the faculty of a Maltese University on the island of Malta. While the judges take three months off during recess, the cases appealed to the court pile up! The numbers speak for themselves. The Chief Justice publishes an annual report of the Federal Judiciary. The 2019 report clearly showed that the court has become lazier in dealing with justice. In 1984 the court had 4047 cases appealed to it, and they took up or heard 175 of those cases or four percent. That left 3,872 cases unheard! The court had 6442 cases appealed to it in 2018 and only took up or heard 73 or only one percent of the cases! That left 6,369 cases unheard! Setting aside percentages, it was less than half the cases heard in 1984. One of the reforms in 1925 allowed the justices the right to “deny certiorari.” Basically, they just don’t want to hear the case regardless of the lives affected by their action. How do nine people and their staff read and understand the issues on 4-6,000 cases in nine months? How can they make intelligent decisions on so many cases? This is a crass violation of HUMAN RIGHTS. Every individual deserves to have FAIR and JUST adjudication of their allegations and defenses. This clearly does not happen with so many cases and so few to review the cases.” Cleveland Stated.

He points out, “there are several necessary conclusions which need to be reached about the Supreme Court in light of these facts. They are:
1. The court does not represent blind justice as it should, but is represented by partisan ambitions and directions regardless of the need for true equal protection for all persons!
2. Justices deny hearing cases, because they use the three-month recess to earn more income instead of reviewing the thousands of cases appealed to the court.
3. Thousands of cases, which should be decided to set a national legal standard are simply trash-canned for the convenience of the court and its justices!
4. The court is archaic, because it was developed when the United States was a White Anglo- Saxon Protestant nation of 2.7 million people in 13 states. How can it effectively use its same structure to serve a multi-cultural society with a population of 331 million in 50 states and five territories stretching from Puerto Rico to American Samoa? We can’t afford to leave as many as 6000 cases to the whim of the lower courts. After all didn’t the Jim Crow type decisions made in the lower courts from 1789 to 1952 establish unprecedented barriers to equality in our nation? Why are we willing to accept such terrible conditions?”

Cleveland states, “ Reform must start at the top with the Supreme Court, but must also impact the entire Federal Court System!
1. The Supreme Court must be reasonably sized to accommodate the hands-on review of the 4 – 7,000 cases presented to it each year. The court should consist of three panels of between seven to nine judges. One judge on each panel must be a person who is not a lawyer, but an educated person from another field. A decision made by any panel is a decision of the Supreme Court.
2. All appointments to the Court shall be made on a non-partisan basis. and all vacancies shall be filled at the time they become vacant. Congress shall not block or delay the appointment of any judicial nominee.
3. The court shall not recess or allow the justices to take three months off so they can give speeches and be on university faculties. It is a full-time job. Members will receive normal vacation leave.
4. The rules of all the federal courts must be uniform. There can be no local rules that deviate from the national rules. Attorneys allowed to practice in one Federal District Court or one Court of Appeals will be allowed to practice before any such court in the United States or its territories without additional applications or certifications.”

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