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Hawaii Emergency Alert

Paul H. Johnstone

New book forewarns of the Pentagon’s itch for nuclear use irrespective of domestic consequences

Today the situation is far more dangerous than during the Cold War period.”
— Paul Craig Roberts
ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, February 6, 2018 / -- On January 13, the citizens of Hawaii received a cellphone alert of incoming missiles. Hysteria gripped the islands. Horrific death seemed imminent.

After a harrowing 38 minutes the error was announced. Then questions arose as to the alert’s usefulness in any event.

What were the terrified recipients to do about it, anyway?

When Donald Trump made his stunning threat of a pre-emptive nuclear attack against North Korea, had he considered how such an act—or even the threat of it— might impact ordinary Americans?

What about the recent Pentagon proposal to use nukes as response to a “large cyber event”?

Should we take any comfort from the second failure of the missile defense system test in Hawaii on January 31, 2018, which could not take down the target even though provided with its trajectory?

From MAD to Madness: Inside Pentagon Nuclear War Planning, a deathbed memoir by a Pentagon nuclear war planner describing the Pentagon’s obsessive search for a way to successfully use nukes in a first strike against the Soviet Union should awaken Americans to the same avid pursuit of nuclear use today.

Paul H. Johnstone was a senior analyst in the Pentagon’s Weapons Systems Evaluation Group The “critical incident” studies he initiated led to publication of The Pentagon Papers, of which he was a co-author.

Johnstone’s memoir details at length not just the delusional Pentagon search for how to win a nuclear war but even more disconcertingly, the lack of consideration it gave to the possible retaliation on Americans. What were Americans to do in the event of a nuclear blast? “Duck and cover”…

As Dr. Jan Olberg of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research concluded: “Dr. Paul H. Johnstone's amazing insider account should be enough to make everyone on earth demand total abolition.”

Alarmingly, Paul Craig Roberts notes in his Foreword to the Johnstone memoir, “Today the situation is far more dangerous than during the Cold War period.”

The frightening truth today is that the lessons that led the US to accept that a nuclear exchange would lead to MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) seem to have been forgotten in Washington. Without public debate, apparently without much public interest, the United States is preparing to allocate a trillion dollars over the next thirty years to modernize its entire nuclear arsenal.

As Ron Paul pointed out, “"From MAD to Madness could not be more timely reading. In it, a former senior Pentagon analyst from the last Cold War comes back from the past to warn us of the disaster we are courting…”

Today nuclear war is back on the table.

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