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Rory Olson, President & Chief Executive Officer, VOTI DETECTION™ Discusses Security Screening In Key Target Markets

...In An Exclusive Interview..."In The Boardroom" On

We are honored to have Rory Olson, President/CEO, VOTI DETECTION™ join us "In The Boardroom" on SecuritySolutionsWatch to discuss critical security screening solutions. Be sure to see the video below!”
— Martin Eli, Publisher

NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 12, 2017 / -- Rory Olson, President & Chief Executive Officer, VOTI DETECTION™, told us, “Today our XR3D platforms of security screening scanners are deployed globally, where we focus on attractive markets such as, securing perimeter and buildings, public safety and transportation. Our family of single and dual view products are easy to use and provide the clearest, most accurate screening available in the market. We offer a full range of tunnel sizes to best fit the use of our customers to their intended needs. In addition, all our products are designed in compliance to international safety standards and regulations and easily integrate into larger security applications."

"Our 5 Series is our most compact solution; ideal for mail, small parcel and small baggage screening. As these systems fit in smaller areas they work perfectly for critical infrastructures, transportation and border security allowing small bags and mail items to be screened quickly and effectively. Our 6 Series is our best-selling line for a reason: these systems are a great fit for most use cases and easily accommodates mail, parcels, and small to medium sized purses, messenger bags and carry-on luggage. So, they work great for critical infrastructure, transport, correctional facilities, as well as retail and manufacturing for employee screening. The 7 Series is perfect for screening the largest carry-on articles, as well as mail, parcels, and personal items. As such, it works well for security screening passengers in airports, train systems, and for critical infrastructure like courthouses and government facilities where items need scanning, both large and small. Our 10 Series systems are large scanners that are ideal for check-in baggage screening, freight screening at warehouses, fulfillment centers as well as ports and borders. Our largest scanners, the 18 Series , are perfect for industrial use in transport, ports and borders, or retail and manufacturing where cargo, pallets and shipping containers need to be screened without opening individual items. We even have a Mobile Series which are customizable to fit on vans, trucks, trailers, and other forms of transport. They are best suited for situations where scanners need to be deployed quickly, temporarily, or across a large area. These systems scan items up to check-in sized baggage, and work well for security operations, events like conferences, and border patrol units.”

“Whether scanning mail and small parcels, or larger baggage, cargo and freight, our XR3D solutions are specifically designed to provide clearer and more revealing images using our 3D Perspective™ technology. Our equipment and software are easy to use and highly customizable, our remote diagnostics and surveillance significantly reduce downtime, and our raw image processing provides centralized security screening, archiving and the possibility for future scanning review. These features help give our clients the peace of mind that comes from choosing the best detection solutions available.”

“Unique to Voti Detection is that we are bringing technology and product innovation to an industry that has not seen any in over 50 years with our 3D Perspective™ high resolution image and industry leading clarity at a much lower cost for our customers to buy and maintain their systems. With our higher image resolution and sharper contrast, on top of the greater depth of visibility, we allow operators to see what they need to see much more quickly. By eliminating blind spots we enable operators to make better decisions. They can analyze images more easily to make confident and rapid decisions, whether on the floor or in a security center. Because we archive the original source files, our customers can rescan any stored image virtually for additional analysis, as though the object was being processed for the very first time. In addition, we provide comprehensive management capabilities which includes archive management, network integration, multi-language options and the ability to configure administrative parameters. Our innovative design and detection capabilities are made possible through our state-of-the-art operating system, BioSans™. Our OS provides the core software needed to facilitate the 3D Perspective technology that makes our systems consistently outperform all others. Through BioSans™, we can add additional applications and modules to extend the functionality and value of your equipment. From detecting precious metals, to threat image projection, all of our proprietary apps run through BioSans™. Our software is our greatest value-add and provides many scaling opportunities for future innovations, especially in AI, machine learning and analytics.”

Mr. Olson added, “… critical infrastructure, transportation, ports and borders, law enforcement, correctional facilities and military, manufacturing and retails are key target markets for Voti Detection. We have numerous success’s addressing these markets. For example; In Turkey, we have secured all entrances and exits of the Ankara Metro stations with our XR3D-60s platforms to ensure the safety of all passengers by detecting potential threats. In Canada, our systems are being used by the province of Ontario in their correctional institutions to detect potential contraband incoming and outgoing. Similarly, in the USA, Amazon fulfillment centers are utilizing our screening scanners at all their facilities exits to screen for security and loss prevention. This is an upgrade to their current process to improve the exit screening process for their employees enabling faster screening and less invasive experience. In Indonesia, our platforms our being used in all government applications; military, police, court houses and correctional institutions. A key retail Jeweler, in the USA, uses our Precious Metals Detection application (VotiPMD™) with their systems, installed in all of their warehouses, to detect any type of precious metal that may be exiting their facility as a loss prevention measure to protect their assets and stock. As you can see, there are many use cases and successes for our product."

“Las Vegas was a terrible tragedy and does trigger additional discussion on security, especially for protection of people and saving lives. There is no doubt in my mind more screening in public and private physical entrances and exits will be required and mandated. Other countries, enterprises and communities outside North America are already taking the step to enhance their security. In many regions of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, hotels, public facilities such as shopping malls, museums, sports venues, concert halls, etc., have x-ray scanners deployed. Asia is following and I expect North America will not be too far behind. As more awareness is given to the role of x-ray scanners in these domains, AI and analytics will be play a key role in the automation and predictive detection of threats to all. We understand the need of our customers to automate their detection capabilities with the goal of simplified operations and cost reduction. Key trends will be to leverage AI, machine learning and data analytics, to dynamically store the data, synthesize the data, and provide insightful information that can be acted upon manually, or by a machine to respond accordingly to a threat with the appropriate decision. The end goal is to provide a better customer experience with operational efficiencies and cost savings."

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