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Trump and The Birthers Have It All Wrong; President Obama Was Never Born At All (Joe Rothstein's Commentary)

April 9, 2011

By Joe Rothstein

Donald Trump has injected new life into what had become a tiresome argument over whether Barack Obama had been born in Hawaii.

With a towering figure such as Trump giving credence to the birther cause I felt it was my responsibility to look more deeply into the issue myself. And I have reached a startling conclusion: Our president wasn't born in Hawaii. In fact, he wasn't born at all.

The evidence isn't obvious. If it were, others would have uncovered this long ago. But I believe I have decoded the puzzle. When you put the pieces together, they all fit.

The first piece of the puzzle is hidden within a book entitled The Singularity Is Near, by a card-carrying futurist named Ray Kurzweil. The subtitle, and this is extremely important: When Humans Transcend Biology.

The Singularity Is Near makes the case that laboratory-created artificial intelligence will merge with biological evolution in such a way that, to put it in lay terms, robots will take over the world. Biological evolution and robotic development will be indistinguishable. Improbable? Read the book's jacket cover:

"(The 21st century ) will be an era in which the very nature of what it means to be human will be both enriched and challenged as our species breaks the shackles of its genetic legacy…"

Here's a giveaway that links Kurzweil's book to Obama. The release date of the Singularity, was 2005, the very year Barack Obama entered the U.S. Senate and began his march to the White House.

When you put all of this in context, it's obvious. Barack Obama is a product of artificial intelligence. He wasn't born in Hawaii or anywhere else. He was created by the white-coats of the digital machine world.

Don't take my word for it. Just look at Obama. The signs are all there.

Early on, he developed a reputation as "no drama Obama." No matter what happens, his emotional needle seldom moves. It's not natural. Does that remind you of anyone? Spock perhaps?

And look at his hair. Have you ever seen it long or short? No. It's always the same length, seemingly applied to his head by adhesive. Why is that? Because it's incapable of growing!

Much is made of his use of teleprompters, even at small crowd events. What does that tell you? Two explanations, either of them which would fortify this case. He's either incapable on his own of making long and involved speeches, or the teleprompter is really a message machine conveying signals from his handlers.

Unlike virtually every President we've ever had, you don't see Obama in church on Sunday. Don't you find that odd? I did, until I uncovered Kurzweil's earlier book, The Age of Spiritual Machines.

And look at Obama's priorities. One his first acts as president was to unleash laboratories to resume stem cell research. His so-called "stimulus" bill included billions for deep research into futuristic communications, energy, and health issues. Who benefits from all of this? The cabal of scientists and futurists who are behind it all. Once you put everything in proper context, Obama's priorities make sense.

As President, Obama has had a near obsessive schedule for playing golf. Think about it. For hours on end, with no media present, Obama regularly disappears. You never see photos. You seldom hear of anyone who's played golf with him. Where actually does he go when he's playing "golf?" To be downloaded with fresh information? To get new instructions? These are questions worth asking. But you won't get them from the mainstream media.

Many years ago a best selling novel, and later a movie, The Manchurian Candidate depicted an American brainwashed by his Korean captors and instructed to obey commands when seeing the playing card the queen of diamonds. His handlers subtly maneuvered him into a position where he could become president of the U.S. so that they could launch a coup.

Ray Kurweil first came to public attention when he created digital music systems. President Obama schedules an inordinate number of musical events at the White House. Given the connection I've just established between Obama and Kurzweil, doesn't it logically fit that the President is getting his signals, not through playing cards but through musical manipulation?

So, Mr. Trump, and all of you others who have been scratching every nuance to "prove" the President wasn't born in the U.S., I have bad news for you. You've been duped. The Hawaii birth certificate has been kept purposely vague to throw you off the trail of the real story.

The real story is that as a living, breathing human being, Barack Obama doesn't exist at all.

(Joe Rothstein can be contacted at

Joe Rothstein is a political strategist and media producer who worked in more than 200 campaigns for political office and political causes. He also has served as editor of the Anchorage Daily News and as an adjunct professor at George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management. He has a master's degree in journalism from UCLA. Mr. Rothstein is the author of award-winning political thrillers, The Latina President and the Conspiracy to Destroy Her, The Salvation Project, and The Moment of Menace. For more information, please visit his website at