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Your Regular News Depressing These Days? Here's A Welcome Alternative

By Joe Rothstein — May 22, 2018

More than one person has said to me in recent weeks that they’ve stopped watching TV news and reading the news sections of their daily papers. “Too depressing,” is the usual comment. I won’t bother to list the depressing topics mentioned. It’s a long and growing list.

The royal wedding provided an oasis from all of that. And, in fact, there’s a lot more happening each day that qualifies as “news,” but finds little place in the constant drumbeat of politics, elections, Trumptweetism, North Korea, Iran and the economy.

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As a service to subscribers, editors prepare a daily email of stories you likely didn’t see in the mainstream media. A recent sample:

China Aims to Land on Dark Side of Moon Via Launch of 'Magpie Bridge' Satellite

Here Is How the NRA Made Sure Background Checks Will Never Prevent Gun Violence

Pro-Trump Robot Videos Are Popping Up All Over YouTube and No One Seems to Know Why

Meet the 10 Richest Billionaire Royals in the World Right Now

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A Team Successfully Transplanted Memories by Transferring a Form of Genetic Information Called RNA From One Snail Into ...

Mexico Says Possible Bank Hack Led to Large Cash Withdrawals

Scientists Have Discovered a Plastic-eating Enzyme That Could Revolutionize Recycling

Here's the Real Reason Tech Billionaires Are Prepping for Doomsday

These Are the Countries That Will Have the Worst Temperature Swings in the Future

You Can't Handle the Truth About Facebook Ads, New Harvard Study Shows

California Becomes First US State to Mandate Solar on Homes

At a time when we’re all on guard against lies manufactured to resemble truths, editors carefully vet every source for legitimacy. In its 23 years of existence (yes, you read that right, 23 years) has never once been called out for pushing articles from fake sources. There’s plenty happening in the world. No need to make stuff up.

Here’s a sampling of stories I picked up just today in a few minutes scanning news feeds:

--(from EIN’s Deep Sea Mining News) Back in the 1970s, the CIA hatched an audacious plan to salvage a sunken Soviet nuclear sub by pretending the operation was a mining expedition financed by eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes

--(from EIN’s Paris Air Show News) The Workhorse Surefly drone completed a successful manned, untethered test hover into the air with a person in it for the first time. The Surefly was first unveiled at the Paris Air Show in 2017. It is a two-person aircraft with eight independent motors each driving a single carbon-fiber propeller. The Surefly can reach speeds of up to 70 mph, an altitude of up to 4,000 feet and a range of one hour on one tank of gasoline.

--(from EIN’s Beverage Industry News) In partnership with Lonely Whale, Alaska Airlines will replace single-use, non-recyclable, plastic stir straws and citrus picks with sustainable alternatives in its airport lounges and on all domestic and international commercial flights starting July 16, 2018.

--(from EIN’s Blood Cancer News) An over-sterile germ-free environment in the first year of life is one of the major causal factors behind childhood leukemia, a new study suggests. Coupled with unlucky genetics, it can leave a child vulnerable to common infections such as flu triggering the disease, says a leading expert. The study claims the most common form of childhood leukemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), could be prevented by “priming” infants’ immune systems by exposing them to harmless bugs.

A small sample, but an indication of how rich the news environment can be if we stop digging for it in the same places.

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(Joe Rothstein is a regular columnist for and author of the acclaimed political thriller “The Latina President and the Conspiracy to Destroy Her.” Mr. Rothstein can be contacted at

Joe Rothstein is a political strategist and media producer who worked in more than 200 campaigns for political office and political causes. He also has served as editor of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Anchorage Daily News and adjunct professor at George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management. He has a master's degree in journalism from UCLA. Mr. Rothstein is the author of award-winning political thrillers, "The Latina President and the Conspiracy to Destroy Her," and "The Salvation Project."