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Cuomo’s State of the State - We Cover-Up Rapes

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a History of Protecting Sexual Predators & Rapists

Governor Andrew Cuomo has no business attempting to lead in any reforms surrounding sexual assaults, he must be led to prison for protecting sexual predators and rapists
— Michael Carey - Advocate for people with disabilities and their families
ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2018 / -- Governor Andrew Cuomo has no business attempting to lead any reforms surrounding sexual harassment, sexual abuse or the cover-ups of these heinous acts and crimes; he has a long history of protecting sexual predators and rapists. Today is Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address and everyone must understand that New York State, under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, is covering –up most rapes of people with disabilities. Leading Civil and Disability Rights Advocate, Michael Carey, who has exposed the cover-ups of most sex crimes committed against the disabled, has also been blocked by Cuomo from attending the State of the State address.

Before exposing the worst crimes imaginable that Governor Cuomo has directed it is important to first bring to light a couple of his top people within his administration. It is vitally important to lay out the public and shameful indictment with these further facts.

• Sam Hoyt – Governor Cuomo knew of his past history, yet promoted him anyway.

Jay Kiyonaga - Governor Cuomo knows that most reported sexual assaults and rapes of women and children with disabilities in his State’s agencies that house the disabled are never reported to local police and County District Attorney’s. Jay Kiyonaga headed up Cuomo’s whitewash cover-up entity, wrongfully named the Justice Center, which covers –up almost all rapes. Kiyonaga was recently promoted by Gov. Cuomo to be the Deputy Commissioner of OPWDD, over 126,000 developmentally disabled people’s lives, after allegations of sexual harassment were made against Kiyonaga.

As if this is not enough, but I will continue to lay out the case against Governor Andrew Cuomo. We are seeing very well known and influential men in high positions within government, organizations and business being fired or stepping down and it is because women are courageously coming forward and saying enough is enough. As an advocate for the safety and equal rights for 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities I must do everything possible to protect people with disabilities from being further victimized by sexual predators that are supposed to be provide safe care and services. I cannot, nor will not, remain silent until the main players, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Alphonso David, Deputy Secretary of Health Paul Francis, Jay Kiyonaga and other top State officials involved in the cover-ups are prosecuted. These top State officials have been part of protecting and shielding staggering numbers of sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists from criminal prosecution that commit the most heinous sex crimes imaginable against our most vulnerable.

New York State mental health agencies are rampant with sexual abuse and rape and most of these atrocities occurring within Cuomo’s agencies are being internally reported to another one of Cuomo’s agencies and covered-up. Years of State documents reveal that reported cases, within one agency alone, to be 325 every three months or 1,300 within OPWDD every year. A very reputable study says only 3% of these sex crimes are ever reported making the real possible numbers to be close to 43,000 sexual assaults every year of people with developmental disabilities.

For over ten years, from 2007 to present, Attorney General Cuomo and then Governor Andrew Cuomo have protected countless sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists within State run and private mental health facilities and group homes from being fired, from being prosecuted and from being placed on the sex abuse registry. This timeline proves years of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s direct involvement.

Governor Cuomo is the kingpin, he is directly involved in a very sick and illegal scheme to protect and shield most sexual predators and rapists from firing and from prosecution. The main motive is to protect and hide his Medicaid fraud Ponzi Scheme where billions of dollars are misappropriated. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s willful actions and in-actions have protected countless sexual predators and rapists, allowing them to thrive and violate God only know how many more innocent victims.

Governor Cuomo took no emergency actions to immediately protect people with disabilities from being sexually abused or hold their predators accountable following the award winning New York Times “Abused and Used” investigative reporting series requested by Carey that was a runner up for a Pulitzer Prize.

The New York Times Editorial Board blasted Governor Cuomo for refusing to ensure the most basic actions to protect the disabled, following the massive “Abused and Used” investigative series, which should have catapulted major reforms to protect our most vulnerable in 2011. The Times Editorial is titled, “Protecting the Most Vulnerable”.

“Two-and-a-half years ago, The Times reported horrifying abuse of people with developmental disabilities or mental illnesses by state employees, who were rarely punished for it. Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised action. But too little appears to have changed.”

“There is much the governor could do. He could require surveillance cameras in these facilities, just as prisons have them. He could make sure that the police get more involved.”

Governor Cuomo chose to protect sexual predators and rapists from being jailed leaving everyone’s children in New York State potentially in danger. When these sexually deviant individuals escape prosecution and the sex abuse registry, no one knows if they are living next door. This pedophile New York State employee/caregiver escaped justice for years and would be still raping if he wasn’t finally apprehended by the feds.

'It was a predator's dream': NY pays $3M to family of molested boy

This news story, quite frankly, would make practically anyone sick. This extremely disturbing statement made by this pedophile speaks volumes of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s mental health care system;

"The lack of supervision there made it easy to do what I did," DeProspero said in a handwritten affidavit obtained by The Associated Press. "I could have stayed in that house for years and abused him every day without anybody even noticing at all. It was a predator's dream."

We need a purging, a house cleaning if you will; we must not be silent or complicit as these atrocities continue. Most of these horrors, sex crimes and cover-ups can easily be prevented. It is hard clean house though when the Governor of New York State is directly involved in the cover-ups. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s mental health agencies are rampant with sexual abuse, they are grossly and incompetently run, they are literally like animal houses. Remember this statement made by a convicted pedophile of Cuomo’s system, let it be burned within your heart and mind, it is “a predators dream.”

No longer can 911 and local police be bypassed, 911 call systems must be immediately called by all mandated reporters regarding all sexual abuse and rapes. Currently, Governor Cuomo has directed these sex crimes to be internally reported where almost all disappear.

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If you have any tips or knowledge of sexual assaults, rapes, deaths or cover-ups please call the Jonathan Carey Foundation sexual abuse & death tip hotline @ (518) 475-7500

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