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Cuomo Must Resign Immediately

Gov. Andrew Cuomo must be stopped and held accountable for enabling sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists to continue to rape vulnerable women and children

The case against Governor Andrew Cuomo is overwhelming and he must resign immediately.
— Michael Carey - Advocate for people with disabilities and their families
ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2017 / -- The most dangerous people and criminals are the ones that protect and shield sexual predators and allow them to continue to violate and destroy the lives of many additional innocent victims. Governor Cuomo is a very dangerous person; he has initiated and perfected his sex cover-up scheme of epic proportion that mirrors the Catholic Church pedophile priest scandal.

Watch this Spotlight movie trailer to get a glimpse of what is also going on in the New York State mental health care system. Governor Cuomo is ensuring that most sexual predator; pedophile and rapist caregivers that work with the disabled are shuffled or jockeyed from group home to group home, just like the pedophile priests were moved from parish to parish.

Governor Cuomo is directly involved in this illegal corruption scheme that is deeply rooted in Medicaid fraud. The governors “coherent oversight scheme” is to conceal evidence and obstruct justices to protect and shield most sexual predators from the sex abuse registry and from prosecution. The main motives all surround money, lots of money, billions of dollars annually. Governor Cuomo’s solution is to hide most of the rapes and sexual assaults committed against the disabled to continue to defraud the federal government. New York State claims to the feds that they are providing safe care and services with the federal tax dollars and Medicaid funds, but in all reality, it’s a lie. The New York State mental health care system made up of many thousands of State and private facilities and group homes are rampant with sexual abuse and rapes.

Here are the numbers within only one of six of Governor Cuomo’s mental health agencies, the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).

• 325 reported sexual assaults every 3 months or 1,300 annually

• The real numbers are close to 43,000 sexual assaults or rapes of the developmentally disabled in this one State agency annually or a third of its population because only 3% of these sex crimes will ever be witnessed or reported.

This very important study and report titled, “Prevalence of Violence” shines a light on the fact that people with disabilities are sexually assaulted and raped far more than those without disabilities and almost all are never reported.

The end result obviously of this worst type of public corruption imaginable is thousands of women and children with disabilities within Cuomo’s agencies are being raped practically anytime by these sexual deviants and criminals. Governor Cuomo has taken no significant actions whatsoever to stop or prevent these horrific sex crimes and atrocities.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is a bully and in a recent interview he rebuked a woman reporter for asking him questions about sexual harassment and sexual assaults within his administration. Governor Cuomo tried to silence Karen DeWitt and tried to shift the questioning away from him because the news media are starting to connect the dots and get close to what is really going on with Governor Cuomo.

Here is what just came out in the news through USA Today;

“The governor of the nation's fourth most populous state dodged a female reporter's question about addressing sexual harassment in his administration, condemning her interest as too narrow.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, quickly turned a question Wednesday from Karen DeWitt, capitol bureau chief for New York State Public Radio's 10 stations, back on reporters participating in his first question-and-answer session in a few months.

"When you say, 'It's state government,' you do a disservice to women, with all due respect, even though you're a woman,' " Cuomo said. "It's not government. It's society. It was Harvey Weinstein in the arts industry. It's comedians. It's politicians. It's chefs, right? It's systemic."

The last thing Governor Cuomo wants to do is talk about sexual harassment, sexual assaults, rapes, cover-ups of these crimes or powerful people that enable these sexual predators because he himself without question is one of the worst enablers and protectors of sexual predators in New York State history.

Remember this fact, Governor Cuomo has to shift the sexual assault issue away from the government and away from him as Cuomo stated, "It's not government” because he is the government in his eyes.

Governor Cuomo, as everyone remembers, is the government, here is his infamous claim; “I am the government.” .

This powerful news story reveals Governor Andrew Cuomo’s beliefs very clearly;

“Gov. Cuomo no longer sees himself as just a governor - he is the government.

Cuomo, during a radio interview Wednesday, flashed a little ego when he argued that his sky-high poll numbers are less about him personally and more about the renewed pride New Yorkers are taking in state government since he took office in January.

"I am the government," Cuomo said on Albany's Talk 1300.”

Powerful and wealthy people protected people like Harvey Weinstein and according to the New York Times many people enabled him for years. Powerful and wealthy people have protected Governor Andrew Cuomo and this is the only reason why he has been able to get away with protecting and shielding countless sexual predators for years.

Governor Cuomo has ignored calls for his resignation and obviously he has not stepped down yet for his involvement in protecting countless sexual predators and criminals that rape women and children so it is vitally important to lay out some additional facts. On top of the massive systemic cover-ups of most sex crimes committed against the disabled within Cuomo’s agencies, we must also shine a light on two State officials that have been alleged to have engaged in preying on women in the workforce. The case against Governor Andrew Cuomo is overwhelming and he must resign immediately.

• Sam Hoyt – Governor Cuomo knew of his Sam Hoyt’s past history, yet Governor Cuomo promoted him anyway.

• Jay Kiyonaga - Governor Cuomo has directed that most reported sexual assaults and rapes of women, children and men with disabilities in State and private facilities and group homes for the disabled never are reported to local police and County District Attorney’s. Jay Kiyonaga headed up Cuomo’s whitewash cover-up entity wrongfully named the Justice Center for an extended period of time. Kiyonaga was just promoted by Governor Cuomo to be the Deputy Commissioner of OPWDD after allegations of sexual harassment and workplace violence were made against Kiyonaga.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has failed to protect women, girls, boys and men with disabilities from being preyed on by sexual predators within his agencies. Governor Cuomo must immediately resign and if he does not willfully resign he must be removed from office. Governor Cuomo, Jay Kiyonaga and other top State officials involved in this massive sex cover-up scheme must be held fully accountable, they must be prosecuted.

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If you have any tips or knowledge of sexual assaults, deaths or cover-ups please call the Jonathan Carey Foundation sexual abuse & death tip hotline @ (518) 475-7500

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