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The White House endorsed the mission of Green Technology Innovation

can be mounted in minutes

By letter of November 30, 2017, President Trump wrote: "I am confident that together we can preserve America's natural blessings for future generations"

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Use your car's inertia and invest the savings for your retirement
— Thomas Delor, French Ingeener CNAM,
ATLANTA, GA, USA, December 14, 2017 / -- "Because the inertia is invisible, I invented the Ecotrainer to help my school teacher daughter to commute 40 miles twice a day," said the inventor Thomas Delor who applied and received a US Patent. "When my daughter told me that she could not eco-drive since she did not know when to release the gas pedal, I was very surprised that nothing existed to show a car's inertia, like a speedometer showing the car's speed" added Delor who studied aeronautical engineering in Paris, France with the CNAM.
The Miles-Per-Gallon (MPG)evolved considerably the last twenty years but will not increase too much more due to the mechanical limits of physics. Trading the 249,000,000 US registered vehicles (car and trucks) for an all-electrical one would take 20 to 30 years and less than 10% of people could afford the financial burden. For less than $700.00 the American fleet can be upgraded to more efficient ones (20% to 50% more) because the ecotrainer can be mounted on the windshield or dashboard of any vehicles in less than five minutes. There is no installation as the device is self-contained. The green light indicates the vehicle has enough inertia to move on its own without its engine, the red light indicates the vehicle needs the engine to maintain the selected speed. Any driver will instantly eco-drive by reacting to the light.

Thomas Delor CEO
Green Technology Innovations Inc.
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can be mounted in minutes

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