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Trump Overruled on Key Climate Constitutional Challenge: 9th Circuit Court Gives Go-Ahead to Our Children’s Trust Case

Dr. Peter Carter

Elizabeth Woodworth

New Book addresses criminality of government climate inaction

...a timely and important contribution to the debate regarding how criminal prosecutions...could be used to repress and deter climate damaging conduct at a large scale and on a lasting basis.”
— Reinhold Gallmetzer, Appeals Counsel, International Criminal Court
ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, March 8, 2018 / --
When Our Children's Trust, acting on behalf of 21 youth plaintiffs, submitted a case against the U.S. Government for its actions causing climate change, the Trump administration moved swiftly last year to block the case by means of a Writ of Mandamus.

Yesterday, however, the Ninth Circuit court delivered a key ruling in order to allow the case to proceed.

The 21 young plaintiffs assert that “the U.S. government, through its affirmative actions in creating a national energy system that cause climate change, has violated their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, and has failed to protect essential public trust resources.”

The youth’s lawsuit seeks “a constitutionally compliant national energy system and science-based climate recovery action by the federal government.”

The unusual and extraordinary Trump Writ reveals how desperate the administration is to deny a legal avenue addressing climate issues that might open the doors to broader efforts for climate advocacy – such as damage cases now being pursued against the oil majors in New York City and California.

Meanwhile, to support the pivotally important youth case, and to educate the public, a solidly researched book demonstrating the criminal dimensions of climate change denial and inaction has just been published: “Unprecedented Crime: Climate Science Denial and Game Changers for Survival.”

In his Foreword, Dr. James E. Hansen, former chief NASA climate scientist, says the book makes “an overwhelming case that the public, especially young people, are victims of 'Unprecedented Crime.'"

Fortunately, he adds, the book also points to technological game changers that could alleviate the consequences for current and future generations.

Co-author Dr. Peter Carter, a physician, is founder of the Climate Emergency Institute and an expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental on Climate Change. He lectures worldwide on the climate emergency that Hansen first warned Congress about in 1988.

Co-author Elizabeth Woodworth is a climate writer and activist who regularly attends UN climate summits to introduce new books on clean energy solutions that – because they rival fossil fuels – remain unreported in the North American lapdog media.

From the Introduction:

“This book takes an unusual approach to the entrenched failure of governments and the media to act decisively and effectively to drastically curb CO2 emissions.

The fact that no emergency response has been mounted by national governments is a crime against humanity and indeed all of life.

To continue with business-as-usual at this late date is to knowingly, and therefore deliberately, compound this crime.”

An entire chapter, “Science Betrayed: The Crime of Denial,” referring to the “vertical integrated influence-peddling apparatus” of the Koch brothers, explores and documents the rampant, ongoing funding of science denial that has seduced and corrupted the entire Republican establishment in Washington, DC.

Reinhold Gallmetzer, an Appeals Counsel at the International Criminal Court, notes that “Peter Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth’s book is a timely and important contribution to the debate regarding how criminal prosecutions, both at the national and international level, could be used to repress and deter climate damaging conduct at a large scale and on a lasting basis.”

Dr. Carter’s reader-friendly Science Appendix is full of graphs and images from NASA and NOAA that leave no doubt as to the urgency of the developing catastrophe. It simply requires that, as the Climate Mobilization movement declares, we must “restore the climate at wartime speed.”

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