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NY Gov. Cuomo Knows: Radon Killing the Disabled & General Public

Radon is the number two cause for lung cancer, yet Governor Cuomo refuses to take vital emergency actions to save lives

It is willful neglect by Governor Cuomo to know of the dangers of radon and other life threatening matters and do nothing to save the further loss of lives. Radon is a deadly state-wide health crisis.”
— Michael Carey

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2017 / -- Governor Cuomo knows that radon is a silent killer. The New York State Department of Health knows that radon is killing many hundreds of New York State residents every year, possibly up to 2,000 or more, yet why are they not properly warning and advising the general public of what to do to protect themselves and their families? Why is the State of New York not protecting people with disabilities living in all residential care facilities and group homes from radon gas poisoning? Why is the State of New York not doing a massive radon TV and radio campaign similar to what they are doing to warn people of the dangers of radon similar to the ones they do letting people know that smoking can kill you? Gov. Cuomo knows that radon is an odorless gas that you cannot see or smell, that it is the number two cause for lung cancer and that it can kill you. Why is the governor not taking emergency actions? Governor Cuomo, the New York State Department of Health (DOH) and its Commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker, know full well that radon is one, if not the biggest, reason why certain parts of New York State have much higher rates of cancer than others . Just like they both knew of what was going on in Hoosick Falls, long before everything surfaced publicly in the media.

Why the political games by Governor Cuomo and his DOH Commissioner as many New Yorkers continue to die from lung cancer? Radon is an easily fixed problem, if people only know what to do to protect themselves and their families. Leaders lead and the governor cannot continue to ignore the radon health crisis in New York State . Most radon caused deaths are preventable deaths. This is no joke, this is no game, Governor Cuomo, radon gas in New York State is a far greater health crisis than the water contamination in Hoosick Falls, New York, than gained national attention. In this recent news story, governor Cuomo is directly quoted;

"Let’s study the health factors, the demographic factors, the environmental factors and find out why there’s that deviation," the governor said. "If we can find out what’s causing it, we can go further down the road in preventing it." -Governor Andrew Cuomo

“Enough of the bureaucratic BS, when there is a KNOWN cause for cancer, which radon is, you take immediate and direct actions to prevent cancer deaths, it is that simple. Radon is costing many innocent people their lives. What is critical now is that we save lives of all New York State residents in danger, including our most vulnerable and their caregivers.” - Michael Carey

It is important to note right now who the first whistle-blower of the radon health crisis is, it is the famous New York Times whistle-blower, Jeff Monsour . In early 2007, Jeff Monsour, a State employee with an impeccable record, blew the whistle on radon amongst many other serious life threatening issues, but both he and the extreme dangers were ignored by State officials. New York was not radon testing thousands of mental health facilities and group homes, both State run or private, yet per State and federal law they are required to provide a safe living environment. It is willful neglect by Governor Cuomo to know of the dangers of radon and other life threatening matters and do nothing to save the further loss of lives. Radon is a deadly state-wide health crisis. Mr. Monsour brought the radon gas health crisis to the attention of Michael Carey, another whistle-blower and advocate for people with disabilities years ago. After the State of New York ignored the severe dangers, Mr. Monsour was compelled to seek other help to save the further loss of innocent peoples’ lives, both residents with disabilities and his fellow caregivers and co-workers.

Numerous requests in writing and verbally have been made to either Governor Cuomo or his top staff within his administration, but Governor Cuomo has looked the other way regarding radon. Why? There is no reason for such incompetence, this is a no brainer, radon kills. All of Michael Carey’s requests to protect the disabled and the general public also fell on deaf ears for a while until it was found out by Mr. Carey that recently the State began radon testing some of their facilities and group homes. It was through a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request that Michael Carey found that the State secretly began some radon testing and initial results and findings revealed that upwards of 25% or more of these facilities had/have dangerous radon levels.

Radon is spread out though out much of New York State and certain areas have a relatively small problem, thankfully. Here is where it gets really dicey, the whole New York City area and Suffolk County have extremely low levels of radon reflected in the clear lower levels of cancer in those areas. The largest populous of people live in New York City, so it appears it has not been a concern for the governor. Radon is a silent killer, killing more people nationally than deaths due to drunk driving. Radon is known to kill 21,000 people on average every year and approximately 2,000 New Yorkers Statistically, approximately 900 people with disabilities or their caregivers have died in New York State from mostly preventable radon caused lung cancer since Jeff Monsour sought immediate help in 2007. It is because of Jeff Monsour that Michael Carey drafted legislation and has fought hard to get vital life-saving legislation in place because the Governor and his administration refused to listen and swiftly require by law radon testing and mitigation of dangerous facilities. All requests by Michael Carey to date to Governor Cuomo to do a massive TV and radio campaign have gone ignored. Maybe and hopefully soon, Jeff Monsour and Michael Carey’s calls for immediate help and vital actions will finally be heeded, many lives are at stake.

The New York State Senate saw the vital need to save lives and passed a critical life-saving radon bill this year – Radon Bill S5753B/ A5515B . Why the Governor simply did not use is authority and move to follow the lead of Jeff Monsour and Michael Carey on this radon health crisis does not make sense. The governor’s actions now to look into cancer deaths is all well and good, but to ignore the known causes of cancer and to not take immediate actions is gross incompetence and his inaction's are without question costing many people their lives.

“Governor Cuomo must take his responsibility seriously, it is too late to save lives already lost, but what is critical now is to save the further loss of precious lives. This information is not to shine a light alone of what has not been done, but is to be a clarion or trumpet call for numerous emergency actions concerning protecting everyone from radon and preventable lung cancer. As the Governor of New York State, over close to 20 million residents, he has the direct responsibility to take emergency actions now.” Michael Carey

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