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05:14 GMT Albany Times Union

GOP leaders plan Tuesday vote

05:08 GMT Waterbury Republican American

GOP leaders plan Tuesday health vote

03:11 GMT KITV Honolulu's Channel 4

Texas man arrested for threatening call to Ted Cruz

02:49 GMT Daily Caller

Pro-Trump Pundits Sour On Sessions

01:50 GMT Longboat Observer

Blinded by altruism

00:17 GMT Seatlle Post-Intelligencer

Connelly: Cantwell is sponsor of controversial Israel...

Jul 20, 2017 Kingman Leader Courier

GOP Senate in Last-Ditch Try to Save Health Bill

Jul 20, 2017 The Washington Post

The GOP’s repeal-and-replace plan should stay dead

Jul 20, 2017 Seatlle Post-Intelligencer

Health care bill set for vote faces uphill climb